Gel Eyeliner Vs Cream Eyeliner Differences


Today there are different forms of eyeliners available to choose from. However, you must not choose something that cannot give you the best value for your money. Buying the eyeliner depends on the type of the skin and color of eyes you have. If you fail to choose the right form of the eyeliner you need, you might be wasting your money.

Cream eyeliners

Cream eyeliners are similar to gel eyeliners in many ways. Both eyeliners have a thick texture and they are applied on the sketch of the upper eyelid to create a certain outcome in eyes. Both cream and gel eyeliners are usually not applied on the lower lid as they seem to provide mild irritation. There are a number of brands available on the market that offer gel eyeliners as well as the cream eyeliners. However, apart from the many similarities, there are also a number of differences between these two types of eyeliners.

While cream eyeliners are made of creamy materials, it creates a natural, very smooth effect once applied to eyes. These products come in tubes or in pencil form. Gel eyeliners on the other hand are gel based, providing an artificial smoky effect when applied to the eyes.

Gel eyeliners

Like the cream eyeliners, gel eyeliners can also be applied to the upper lash using a brush. Gel liners may not be as smooth as the cream eyeliners, but they provide a longer lasting and more defined effect. However, cream eyeliner seemed to be the most preferred product in many consumers according to a survey.

Gel eyeliner vs cream eyeliner

Gel eyeliner provides a long lasting effect than cream eyeliner that is much softer and silkier. Cream eyeliners create a natural effect to the eyes while gel eyeliners bring a smoky fake look to your eyes. You can apply your cream based liner smoothly to give a soft appearance to your eyes, making it look more natural. If you want to have a smoky eye look, then go for the gel eyeliner.

Better to try the gel eyeliner before trying the cream eyeliner, because it is easier to use and apply.

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