Gel Eyeliner Vs Cream Eyeliner Differences

Today there are different forms of eyeliners available to choose from. However, you must not choose something that cannot give you the best value for your money. Buying the eyeliner depends on the type of the skin and color of eyes you have. If you fail to choose the right form of the eyeliner you

6 Best Eyeshadow Styles for Green Eyes

6 Best Eyeshadow Styles for Green Eyes

How to Make Winged Eyeliner Even

Most women like to find themselves as sexy and younger looking. There are many things we can do to make our dream come true. One of the easiest way to try is winged eyeliner. However, the work is not as easy as it seems. To obtain a flawless look, you must know the right techniques.

How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Eyeliner

Your eyes are considered the most precious part of the face. Your physical appearance depends greatly on  your eyes. The truth is that most women prefer to have big eyes to make them look stunning. With big eyes, you can be attractive to all. If you do not have bigger eyes naturally, there is something

Gel Eyeliner Vs Liquid Eyeliner

Although there are different types of eyeliners,  the two most popular forms of eyeliners are gel eyeliner and liquid eyeliner. Both liners offer some unique advantages. The type of eyeliner you choose depends on some factors. It is hard to determine which is better to use. Gel eyeliners can create a build-ability look while the

How to Keep Eyeliner from Running under Eyes

A common issue most ladies face is their eyeliner running under eyes. In the mid of the day, if you look at the mirror just to check if you are looking perfect or not, mostly dark black circles are seen under your eyes. It would give a bad impression if you were in any public

How Long Does It Take For Permanent Eyeliner to Heal?

How long does it take for permanent eyeliner to heal is a question most people ask. The permanent eyeliner refers to enduring eyeliner under or over the eyes. The eyes swell differently for every individual, but a serious swelling goes down in approximately 24 hours. The eyes should be sensitive for about three or four

6 Eyeshadow Styles for Blue Eyes

6 Eyeshadow Styles for Blue Eyes