Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner Review

One of the names that is most synonymous with beauty is Bobbi Brown. Known for makeup techniques and the fantastic luxury brand of cosmetics, one of the most coveted items is the Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner.

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner Review

Bobbi Brown Eyeliner Review

At 24 dollars each, these eyeliner are on the very high end of makeup. The texture is more reminiscent of a cream rather than a gel. The range of colors is vast and allows for any eyeliner you would need to fit any look. The staying power is impressive, it will most certainly last you all day. It is a highly pigmented formulation so the small pot will last you a long time.

The needed brush does not come with the product so the cost of the brush should be figured into purchasing price. I would not recommend this product for winged liner. The texture makes it a bit hard ti control and the pigmentation is so high that you will not be able to easily remove. Although a favorite among many makeup artists, I would not recommend this for daily use. Due to it’s finesse required for use and high pigmentation, I also would not recommend this for use by beginners or teenagers. The high price tag makes this questionable for me. Yes, the products seems to be a good value, but at $24 it is a large commitment for an eyeliner. If you are considering purchasing this eyeliner I recommend that you try out less expensive gel eyeliners to make sure that you like the feel. I would also recommend going to the Bobbi Brown counter and testing the specific product in the color you are interested in as a final check. If you like gel eyeliners, like the product and do not have an issue with the price I would say that this would be a good product for you. If you do not fit all of the categories, I feel that there are other less expensive products that would work well for you.

How to Do Winged Eyeliner with Gel

One of the most classic makeup looks is winged eyeliner. Though most commonly achieved through liquid eyeliner, winged eyeliner can also be done with a pencil eyeliner or with gel eyeliner and a brush. There are two options for brushes when using gel eyeliner. The first is a small angled brush. This is best if you are not experienced with gel eyeliner as it allows for better control.

The other option is a thin pencil-like brush either made of hair or silicone. These are considerably harder to use and require much more practice than their angled cousin. Good gel eyeliners are typical on the pricey side. If you are looking for a less expensive alternative, Ulta makes a good less expensive product.

You want to begin by lining your eye the way that you typically would. Start by taking your brush and lining your water line, the inside lower lid. This will connect the line around the eye and give better definition. Once you have lined the bottom, start at the inner corner of the top lid and begin to line the eye by drawing with small strokes. Continue until you get to the end of the lid. Pick the point as far from the lid as you want your wing to reach. Draw a small “c” shape. From the middle of the lid, extend and widen the line slightly out to the beginning of the wing. Fill in the wing and even the top part of the line. The next step is to repeat on the other eye. Line the upper and lower lids the same way you did the first. Pick a point as close to the same distance as the point on the other eye. Continue out the line the same way you did on the previous eye and even the line. Fix any differences to make the eyes even and then you are finished.

How to Apply Eyeshadow

How to Apply Eyeshadow Like a Pro

Loved for its many color and vast formulations, “eyeshadow” is one of most people’s favorite beauty products. From one solid color to smoky and many color combinations in between, there are many ways to wear eyeshadow. The first way that most people learn how to apply eyeshadow is as a single color across the entire lid. This is typically applied in a sweeping motion with a foam eye shadow applicator. This can be used for light colors or for bright colors. It works for any shadows and is good for a basic, fast style.

How to Apply Eyeshadow Methods

Two Color Blends – How to Apply Eyeshadow

A second common how to apply eyeshadow style is two colors blended. You would start by choosing a light color. You would take a flat eye shadow brush and apply it from the inner corner through three quarters of the lid. Second, choose a darker color and a fluffy eye shadow brush. Use this brush to apply shadow to the outer quarter of the lid and lightly through the crease. This should be done in small circular motions through the outer half of the crease of the lid.

More Smokey Look  – How to Apply Eyeshadow

The final option is good for those wanting a more intense, smoky look. You want to pick three colors in the same family for this look, a light, medium and a dark. You will start by taking the flat eye shadow brush and applying the light color to the inner half of the eye lid. Take the medium color and apply it with a second flat shadow brush over the other half of the eye. Finally you want to take the dark color and apply it to a fluffy crease crush. Using the same circular motion from the second technique, blend the dark color into the crease and outer corner of the eye. This will provide you with a smoky and well defined eye shadow look.

But wait, there are many more other methods as well you should give a try.

Different Eyeshadow shapes How to Apply Eyeshadow

  • how to apply eyeshadow on while lid
    Whole Lid Eye Shadow
  • how to apply eyeshadow on outer corner
    Outer Corner Shape
  • Upwards - Outer Corner & Crease
  • apply eyeshadow as Cat Eye Shaped Outer Corner
    Cat Eye Shaped Outer Corner
  • Both Corners Eye Shadow Shape
    Both Corners Eye Shadow Shape
  • Banana Shaped Eye Shadow
    Banana Shaped Eye Shadow
  • Inner Corner Eye Shadow Shape
    Inner Corner Eye Shadow Shape

  • Inner Corner Eye Shadow Shape: only apply to the inside on the lid. A darker shade would be nice and mostly suitable for wide eyes and it will help to reduce space between eyes.
  • Outer Corner Shape: This is suitable for many eye types, but more if you are having a closed eye set.  Add a dark shade to the lid of outer corner.
  • Both Corners Eye Shadow Shape: This compliments for every shape. You can use dramatic colors and this will not make a difference in the look of your eye size.
  • Cat Shaped Outer Corner:  Apply the darkest shadow to the outer corner. A great upwards pulled look.
  • Upwards – Outer Corner & Crease:  Again a great shape for all eye types. Apply dark shadow to the outer corner and cease and blend upwards. For hooded eyes, you will need to blend further upwards to make it appear.
  • Banana Shaped Eyeshadow: If you want your eye set to appear wider and with longer lids, apply a darker shadow as shown in the picture.
  • Whole Lid Eye Shadow: This is a heavy eye shadow application done by applying dark show to whole lid. Apply dark shadow to the entire lid.

What are the different types of eye shadows?

Sheer:  A pressed powder without any bold look.

Matte: A plain color without any shimmer or metallic in it.

Shimmer: It is a color which has also included shimmer /sparkle or metallic.

How to Apply Eyeliner on the Top Lid with a Pencil

One of the makeup products that can instantly brighten up or change your face is eyeliner. There are many types of eyeliner but by far the most common form is pencil eyeliner. These come in all sorts of colors of which brown and black are the most widely used. You can wear eyeliner in lots of styles. If you are a beginner, it is best to start with only the top lid.

Before you begin applying the eyeliner you want to check that the pencil comes to a tip. A flat eyeliner pencil will not give a steady line and will be much harder to work with. You also want to make sure that the eyeliner you are working with is of a creamy consistency and isn’t going to poke you in the eye. If it is hard, you can try heating it up with a hair dryer. The first instinct is going to be to stretch your eye lid. Doing this can cause premature lines and wrinkles. Gently close your eye and close your mouth for the best angle. Starting about a quarter of the way from the inner corner, begin drawing a line. Using small strokes, slowly draw from the corner out to the edge of the eye lid. You want to keep the line as close to the lash line as possible. Starting with a thin line is best. You can always go back and create a thicker line. In order to thicken the line go back to the point where you started the first line and draw in short strokes like the first line. This will add to the first line and keep it in the same line as the slim line.

Gel Eyeliner Vs Pencil Eyeliner



gel-eyeliner-vs-pencil eyeliner


When it comes to eyeliner you can find yourself faced with many choices. Two of the most prominent options are pencil eyeliner and gel eyeliner. Each has many positives and negatives.

Gel Eyeliner Pros and Cons

Gel Eyeliner, typically coming in a small glass pot and applied with an angled brush, is a favorite among makeup artists. Normally gel eyeliner offers richer pigmentation and is easier for winged eyeliner. On the downside, gel eyeliner can be difficult to apply. It takes practice and a steady hand and there is still a good chance that it will not turn out correct. Also, it does not lend itself to easy re-application. Reapplication required carrying the product and a brush and finding a steady, well lit place to use it. Gel eyeliner also tends to be more expensive than pencil eyeliners. However, you do typically get more product.

Pencil Eyeliner Pros and Cons

As expected, pencil eyeliner comes in the form of a pencil. This is the most common form of at home makeup use. It is highly portable and requires no brush. Pencil eyeliner works better than gel eyeliner for lining water lines and tight lines. There are many waterproof pencils available and they will stay in the water line all day without smudging whereas gel eyeliner smudges very easily. There are many low end pencil eyeliners that work very well as well, I have yet to come across an inexpensive gel liner that compares to any of the high end.
In the end, a lot of it comes down to personal preference. Both products are able to do any job that you would need from an eyeliner. When deciding take into though if you need to be able to quickly apply a line with pencil or if you have the time to draw with a brush.