How to Make Winged Eyeliner Even

Most women like to find themselves as sexy and younger looking. There are many things we can do to make our dream come true. One of the easiest way to try is winged eyeliner. However, the work is not as easy as it seems. To obtain a flawless look, you must know the right techniques. You can do it yourself at home without spending money. Find the tricks and tips you need to make winged eyeliner even.

When it is applied correctly, the winged eyeliner produces an very attractive look. The liquid eyeliner can be more difficult to put on than the standard one. Liquid eyeliners come in two forms: a small one that can be applied with an angled brush and an applicator as a pen the eyeliner includes. The winged look can be made with both types of liners, but the liquid eyeliner makes it seem flawless. Although it is quick to make, you need a steady hand.

Making Winged Eyeliner Even

  • Use eye primer on the eyelid so the eyeliner would last longer. This also prevents the smudging and sweating of the liner. You can find eye primer in drugstores and beauty stores.
  • Use liquid eyeliner or an angled brush on the upper lid. Starting from the inner corner of the eye, draw a line and go towards the outer corner of the eye. The line should be near to the eyelashes without making the outer corner of the eye extended.
  • Using a brush or a liner pen, trace a line from the middle of the line from above the middle of the pupil and continue it to the corner of your eye. Now, to create the winged effect, tilt the pencil upward.
  • Fill the space that remained between the end of the wind and the lower line with liquid liner. You can make the wing as extended out and as thick as you desire, just remember to maintain your hand steady so it would not smudge.
  • For a flawless look, you should apply a new layer of eyeliner from the eye’s corner until the middle of the pupil.

Tips: If you made a mistake, you can remove them with a cotton swab and eye makeup remover. Using your fingers might create smudging. If liner enters your eye, you have to wash immediately.

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