How to Keep Eyeliner from Running under Eyes


A common issue most ladies face is their eyeliner running under eyes. In the mid of the day, if you look at the mirror just to check if you are looking perfect or not, mostly dark black circles are seen under your eyes. It would give a bad impression if you were in any public place. If you are living in any area that is mostly humid, then you are mostly facing running eyeliner experience. There are some simple things you can do to keep eyeliner from running under eyes. This article will show you the right way so you do not have any concerns.

Apply eye cream before using the eye makeup

Before applying any kind of eye makeup, always have eye cream applied on your eye lids. The eye cream will act like a moisturizer and will keep your eyeliner to be just on the place where it should be. If you are fed up of your eyeliner that keeps on running from your eyes, then apply a good kind of base that is made especially for eyes only or any kind of primer. Sometimes face primer that use  on your face also works with your eyes.  They will surely prevent your liner from running under your eyes all day along.

If your eyelids are mostly filled with oil, then try them getting less oily by cleaning them with tissues. This will help you to remove extra oil or natural moisture coming from your skin before applying any kind of eyeliner. Use high quality waterproof and long-wear eyeliner.


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