Winged Eyeliner – How to Do Winged Eyeliner with Liquid Liner

How to do Winged Eyeliner

How to do “winged eyeliner” with liquid eyeliner is a question we get. Winged eyeliner is a very appealing look if it is done correctly. If you are wanting a sultry style, then winged eyeliner maybe consider this style. When most experienced ladies do not face any difficulty when this process done, but almost all find the process difficult and usually are afraid of Liquid Eyeliner, as the method involves somewhat tricky skill. If you have not tried winged eyeliner with liquid until now, there is an easy method to follow, which will help you to make this process smooth for you. Learn how to do winged eyeliner with liquid to make your look more appealing and sexy.

Easy & Quick Tutorial to create Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Let’s get started….

Tools you need:

  1. Scotch tape
  2. Liquid Eyeliner of your choice
  3. Q-tip

The Right Process of Doing Winged Eyeliner with Liquid

  1. Clean and dry the skin well.
  2. With the use of scotch tape on your outer bottom lash line. Slope the scotch tape at a desired angle to create the winged shape. It is actually up to you to decide how dramatic and attractive you need to look. The more you angle the scotch tape, more dramatic it will look.
  3. Keep your eyes slightly open and relaxed.
  4. Using a very thin brush with black liquid liner. Start from inner corner of top lid to outer corner dragging the eyeliner smoothly.  You can thicken the wing area later as you need. Apply the liquid liner on the remaining lash line on your eyelid.  You need to decide how thick or thin you want your winged eyeliner to look.
  5. Follow the shape of your eyes to make it look more natural because of you change the shape it will make your eyes look smaller. Trick – Line as much as possible close to your lashes.
  6. If you press the brush firm, you’ll get a ticker line.
  7. Remove your scotch tape you placed on your eye.
  8. Very Important: Let the liner dry for 10-20 seconds, do not blink.
  9. Now once you finished winged lining both eyes, you need to make sure they are even, compare them visually and if you find they are not even, if not, just use pointed q-tip to correct the mistakes and slowly drag the line along the eye to make winged eyeliner even.
  10. Now you got perfect even winged eyeliners.

 More Tips on How to do a perfect winged eyeliner

  • You can do the winged eyeliner also using gel liner and wet eyeshadow as well.
  • Apply translucent powder above your eyelids. You can also apply powder underneath your eyes if you look tired so the dark areas will be less noticeable. By doing so, the eyes should have a smoother base, moisture will be removed, and that will help the eyeliner not to fade.
  • For the winged look, use the liquid liner. This way you will not have to redo your make up as it lasts longer.
  • To assure yourself there is not too much liner on the lid; touch up from your fingertips. This action will remove excessive liquid liner and you will be able to apply more easily.
  • You can line the lashes under the eyes and, if you want, you can apply mascara. Although adding mascara is optional.
  • Following the natural line of the eye, you should line the top of the eye with eyeliner and make the wings. You can extend it by making one fell swoop and you should start from the inside and go out. The line should not be too far. To enhance a dramatic look, you should make a thicker line.
  • To get even eyeliner wings, follow the line-up of the lower lash. You should do this before adding the liner, either with a pencil or an eyeliner. You may try a couple of times before getting perfect eyeliner wings. To clean any mistakes use a q – tip with some makeup remover.

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