How to Apply Pencil Eyeliner Yourself


Here is the right process on how to apply pencil eyeliner yourself.

Choose a hue that suits your eye color. If you have green eyes, eyeliners colors such as bronze, brown, or safe will look great on you. If you have brown eyes, highlight your eyes with brown, sage, or plum eyeliner. Those with blue eyes would look great with brown, charcoal, or navy colored eyeliner.

A softer pencil is better

Select an eyeliner that can be easily applied. You can even ask for sample products before you purchase a one. Check how much pressure must be exerted when creating a line by drawing one on the back of your hand. Look for an eyeliner pencil that does not need a lot of pressure when creating a line. Thus, a softer pencil is better.

Applying pencil eyeliner by yourself

Close your eye during the application, but refrain from holding your eyelid with your finger. The skin around your eyes is very delicate so pulling it can stretch and cause premature lines.

When drawing a line on your upper eyelid, start from the upper inner corner. The line must be applied next to the lash line. Extend the line to the outer corner. The line must be thin.

On the other hand, start at the outer corner when lining your bottom eyelid and work your way inwards. The line should be closed to the lash line as well. You can also draw short strokes. Draw the line until you reach the inner corner.

You may smudge the line to obtain a softer look. Most eyeliner products come with a smudge tip. You can also use your cleaned finger to smudge the line gently from using short strokes to create a softer and wider line.

 Apply the eyeliner all around the eye

Your eyes will look smaller or even silly if you just apply the liner on the outer half of your eye. If you use eye shadows, apply it first before the eyeliner. Meanwhile, mascara must be applied after you line your eyes. Refrain from applying eye makeup on your inner eyelids. It might cause an irritation to your eyes.

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