How to Apply Mascara Perfectly


Well-applied mascara enhances your eyes and adds glamor to the simplest of eye make-ups. While most falter, it is fairly easy to apply mascara like a pro, and the most of your look. Here’s how.

What type of Mascara is suitable for you

The first, and essentially most important step, is to choose the mascara that suits you. Lengthening mascara is recommended for day wear, while curling or thickening mascara can be used for nights. You must also, as per preference, choose between waterproof and normal mascara. Also, while black mascara looks best, and suits everyone, black-brown mascara does not look too overwhelming on light skinned/haired people.

Just Before Mascara Application

Once you have chosen your mascara, finish up on your eye make, including your eye liner, kohl, eye shadow etc.
Now, curl your lashes using a lash curler. Padded lash curlers are preferable over metal curlers.

Tips on How to Apply Mascara

Mascara tends to dry when it comes in contact with air. Also, be careful to not pump the wand in the tube. You can shake the tube before you open it. Also, in case you need more of the product, swirl the wand inside the tube, instead of pumping it. Pumping will induce air bubbles in the tube, and allow bacteria to enter. Make sure there are no clumps and the product is evenly spread out on the wand.

First Mascara Application

For the first application, look down (such that your eyes are closed) and apply the mascara on the upper lash line in an up-to-down motion (from root to tip). Then, look up (open your eyes) and apply mascara on the same lash line in a down-to-up motion (from root to tip). Using a light, horizontal back-and-forth motion while applying the mascara will prevent clumping.
For the bottom lashes, place a tissue under the eye and apply the mascara in a up-to-down motion (root to tip). And you’re done!