How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner like a Pro

how to apply liquid eyeliner

The beauty routine you follow must not be boring. When finding the right techniques on how to apply liquid eyeliner like a pro, then this is an article that can help you reach your goals.  With the right technique the article presents, you can learn something unique.

Type of liquid eyeliner to choose

You have to know what type of liquid eyeliner you choose, before you start using one. The length and width of the grip is important. If it is too long, you might lose control, and if it is too short, you might not notice what you are doing properly. Remember that you are using the eyeliner on your eye, a sensitive part. The wand of your eyeliner has to have a comfortable sensation between your fingers.

Applying the eyeliner

When you start applying the eyeliner, you should draw the lines with a pencil beforehand. It is recommended to use a similar color of the pencil. So, if you choose black liquid eyeliner, also choose a black pencil. Using the pencil, draw a line in the place you want to eyeliner.

After drawing the lines with the pencil on the lower and upper eyelids, start using the liquid eyeliner. Trace over the lines created by the pencil. The line will be smoother if you use less brush strokes. If you want a thin line, use the tip of the eyeliner and do not apply too much pressure. If you want a thicker line, you should use the side of the brush. When you first apply the pencil, the liquid eyeliner will be easier to go. You can practice until you get a perfect line.

You have to remember that the liquid eyeliner is wet. Therefore, after you apply it, keep your eye closed for about a minute so it can dry properly. If you want to use the eyeliner for the bottom lid, you repeat the process.

You do not have to be a professional in order to apply eyeliner, but you do need to practice. You can use the pencil as a guide, until you can use the eyeliner comfortably. Enjoy a professional and attractive look that the liquid eyeliner offers!

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