How to apply eyeliner on waterline?

Eyeliner is a thin black line that best highlights the eye and at the same time it does not look heavy. When you put it very close to the base of the eyelashes, it will give expressiveness and deepness to your eyes. With proper eyeliner application every lady can look stunning.

Rely on these few tips:

1. Outline the eyes with light eyeliner. This will give you a good foundation.

2. One drawback of eyeliner is blurry fast. Make sure that the eyelids are very well dried before applying eyeliner. To deal with this you can first apply the basic tone of the shadows that you will be using for your makeup.

3. Use a thin eyeliner brush. Start drawing eyeliner on the inside of the eyelid. Smooth movements elongate line to the end of the eyelid. It is important to draw the line thicker at the end.

Draw eyeliner on the lower eyelid and carefully. It is better to do it using a brush. Start from the inner edge of the eyelid by gently pulling. You may slightly stitch line the lower lid with the top or you can leave the line to reach the middle of the eyelid. It’s necessary that the line is thinner and just under the lashes so it won’t be too black.

 4. Wait until dry. Then brush it lightly with an eyeliner brush.

For more expressive – more enchanting eyes, make them up precisely and you will highlight their presence.

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