How Long Does It Take For Permanent Eyeliner to Heal?



How long does it take for permanent eyeliner to heal is a question most people ask. The permanent eyeliner refers to enduring eyeliner under or over the eyes. The eyes swell differently for every individual, but a serious swelling goes down in approximately 24 hours. The eyes should be sensitive for about three or four days.

Avoid using water straight in the eyes

You should not use water straight in the eyes, but wash them softly, patting them dry. For the next 24 hours, you should use the lubricant given to you with the help of the artist. In about three days after the process, the liner will peel similar to a tattoo. However, this has to happen on its own. Until the permanent eyeliner has not peeled, do not use mascara. Also, in the next two to three weeks use a bit more caution.

What to expect when in recovery from permanent eyeliner make up

A permanent makeup process involves the embedding of tattoo ink into profound layers of the skin. Using fine needles, the ink is scraped into the skin. The final result will be lighter than it’s initial look. In about two days after the permanent eyeliner application, the dead layer of skin peels off and only the wanted pigments remain.

Any bruising that might appear goes away in about 5 to 7 days, and the swelling should only be present on the treatment day. For the best results, you might need another retouch after a month. When choosing a permanent make up technician, you should choose an experienced technician that works with a dermatologist or any other specialist that deals with skin problems. The concluding result should be long lasting and beautiful!

After a permanent makeup application, your eyes will be a bit swollen and red as if you cried all night. In the first five days, the eyeliner will be darker and thicker, but it settles and the result will subtly enrich your natural looks.

Always consult your beautician if you feel any uncomfortableness after the permanent eyeliner process done. Always use the best source that can make the process done perfectly.

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