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How to Apply Eye Makeup

How to Apply Eye Makeup Tips Applying eye makeup can define your look. Here’s how. Make sure they are around the eyes is not too dry. If it is, apply moisturizer around your eyes. Do not moisturize the lids as it will make them greasy. Apply primer on the lids. While this is optional, it

How to Apply Eyeshadow

How to Apply Eyeshadow Like a Pro Loved for its many color and vast formulations, “eyeshadow” is one of most people’s favorite beauty products. From one solid color to smoky and many color combinations in between, there are many ways to wear eyeshadow. The first way that most people learn how to apply eyeshadow is

How Long Does It Take For Permanent Eyeliner to Heal?

How long does it take for permanent eyeliner to heal is a question most people ask. The permanent eyeliner refers to enduring eyeliner under or over the eyes. The eyes swell differently for every individual, but a serious swelling goes down in approximately 24 hours. The eyes should be sensitive for about three or four

How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner like a Pro

The beauty routine you follow must not be boring. When finding the right techniques on how to apply liquid eyeliner like a pro, then this is an article that can help you reach your goals.  With the right technique the article presents, you can learn something unique. Type of liquid eyeliner to choose You have

How to apply eyeliner on waterline?

Eyeliner is a thin black line that best highlights the eye and at the same time it does not look heavy. When you put it very close to the base of the eyelashes, it will give expressiveness and deepness to your eyes. With proper eyeliner application every lady can look stunning. Rely on these few