Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner Review

One of the names that is most synonymous with beauty is Bobbi Brown. Known for makeup techniques and the fantastic luxury brand of cosmetics, one of the most coveted items is the Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner.

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner Review

Bobbi Brown Eyeliner Review

At 24 dollars each, these eyeliner are on the very high end of makeup. The texture is more reminiscent of a cream rather than a gel. The range of colors is vast and allows for any eyeliner you would need to fit any look. The staying power is impressive, it will most certainly last you all day. It is a highly pigmented formulation so the small pot will last you a long time.

The needed brush does not come with the product so the cost of the brush should be figured into purchasing price. I would not recommend this product for winged liner. The texture makes it a bit hard ti control and the pigmentation is so high that you will not be able to easily remove. Although a favorite among many makeup artists, I would not recommend this for daily use. Due to it’s finesse required for use and high pigmentation, I also would not recommend this for use by beginners or teenagers. The high price tag makes this questionable for me. Yes, the products seems to be a good value, but at $24 it is a large commitment for an eyeliner. If you are considering purchasing this eyeliner I recommend that you try out less expensive gel eyeliners to make sure that you like the feel. I would also recommend going to the Bobbi Brown counter and testing the specific product in the color you are interested in as a final check. If you like gel eyeliners, like the product and do not have an issue with the price I would say that this would be a good product for you. If you do not fit all of the categories, I feel that there are other less expensive products that would work well for you.

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