Black or Brown Eyeliner for Blue Eyes


Which Eyeliner color is best for blue eyes

When having blue eyes, you might be considering eyeliner that will best suit your eyes. What could be the color which would best  suit your eyes? Blue is available in many hues such as deep sapphire and grayish blue among many others. The color of the eyeliner you choose should be able to enhance your eyes. Such colors are already attractive as they are but you could emphasize them more using eye makeup to make them look more gorgeous and alluring.

Black or brown eyeliner for blue eyes

It is believed that blue eyeliner goes best with blue eyes. It makes your eyes look more remarkable. However, this scenario depends on the shade of blue your eyes have. The eyeliner you should choose must have the shade of color that complements best your blue colored eyes. Nonetheless, you could still apply colored eyeliners such as black or brown.

Choosing Eyeliner Colors for Blue Eyes

Since the color blue comes in many different shades, blue colored eyes likewise are quite different because they also come in different shades. Having the right eye make-up enhances the beauty of your blue eyes and creates a positive impact on the face. For light blue eyes, best to go for milder hues while those with dark blue eyes can go for different intense shades.

Eye make-up has a clear impact on how eyes appear. As such, colored eyeliner makes blue eyes appear more bluish. Putting more prominence on your eyes requires going for more intense shades of dark brown and black and charcoal as well. The same effect could happen when you use intense shades of dark green such as dark golden green as well as forest green. These shades make your eyes look more appealing.

Using lighter shades of green make you look pale. If you use eyeliner with the same shade of blue, it might look uninteresting. If you choose a darker shade of navy blue eyeliner, you will simply be emphasized. The color of the eyeliner you choose should go well with the color of your eyes.

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